Ireland's Greatest One Liners…

is an hilarious app that has many of the great one-liners’ from Ireland and its people. These pearls of Irish wit, humour and Irish sayings are delivered to you by Sean, a local Irish character from the west of Ireland who has all the best one-liners’ from down the years. It’s a great app to share with your friends in a bar, if you’re making a toast at a party or a wedding, or even just to give yourself a quick laugh during the day. It’s a little piece of Ireland in your pocket.

Enjoy this slice of Irish life and wit.


About the developer

Ciaran Reilly is an Irish actor and writer and 'Ireland's Greatest Oneliners' is the first app that he has developed. He thought it would be a great way to share the many great sayings and one-liners he has heard from friends, family and relations usually at late night sing songs and storytelling sessions in Ireland down the years. .

"I am delighted with the response we have gotten from people about ‘Ireland’s Greatest One Liners’ and I hope that people get as much fun from this app as I had in putting it together"
-Ciaran Reilly